My Story

A German mom living the American dream


Hi, I’m Jana.

You have tons of ideas for beautiful books.

You would love to devote more of your time to create.

You want to spend your time writing amazing books for children.


jana buchmann author assistant

You want to write, and you also want people to know and read your work. You want to publish and promote your writing and for that you need as much support as you can get.

Ever since I was little I’m passionate about books. There was not a single day where I didn’t forget time while following my heroes on their adventures. If you would like to know how big my love for books was, ask my mom how often she caught me reading in the middle of the night!

Supporting you, a children’s book author, was only a natural consequence and a call of my book lover heart I needed to follow. How couldn’t I? You have sparked the fantasy of the next book lover generation in my family already. The love for books is one of the most wonderful things we can give our children on their way into a life full of wonders and confidence.

I offer you a special feature! I have a strong creative right brain but my analytical, organized left brain can’t also be ignored wink I love to support you with creative ideas, be your brainstorming partner, your sounding board. If you need help with content creation, I’m here for you. And if technical issues or your long to-do list give you sleepless nights, I would love to bring back the ease of mind to you.

Together we can make your author’s life much easier, bring back the writing passion and create marketing content like a breeze.

You are already here. Tell me more about you! Let me know how I can support you and your fantastic book ideas!

I can’t wait to meet you!

kids reading

Those girls are my whys and wherefores, the reason why I gave up my corporate career, the reason why I started my own business. I love that I’m able to be there for my girls whenever they need me, and I love that I have the freedom and the flexibility to be there for you as well.

And I hope they are your why too, they and thousands of children just like them, who are waiting for you to spark their curiosity and fantasy. I want you to write many more marvelous books to lead them into a world of imagination and let their eyes sparkle.

Get to know me even better with a few more fun facts:

I was doing story-time and crafts for kids at a library as a volunteer in Germany for a couple of years. Now I’m volunteering every day at home¬†wink – reading books to my kids and doing some fun crafts with and for them.

I’m also a children’s book author, my first book is coming in September! All the wonderful authors I have met in the last couple of years have inspired me to create magical worlds full of wonders for little readers on my own.

I’m a big big fan of Bruce Springsteen – THE BOSS! And as I live in New Jersey now I’m convinced that I’ll meet him some day.¬†wink Of course, my poor family had already to go on a day trip to Asbury Park!